Spain Non Lucrative Visa at Los Angeles Consulate May 2024

Had our Spain Non Lucrative Visa interview in Los Angeles Consulate two days ago. A very painless experience. We had a very professional, friendly, and helpful agent who was punctual and actually came to get us (we were waiting in the wrong room). She asked for my husband’s documents, then mine.

Spain Non Lucrative Visa Application Experience at Los Angeles Consulate, May 2024

We had gone prepared with translations and copies of about everything. Didn’t need translations for anything other than the documents requiring apostille and our non-employment letter/affidavits. No translation of bank statements needed – she asked for 3 months – but we also had a letter from the banks that were translated and she took those.

They didn’t ask for IRS returns, didn’t ask for letters of intent, didn’t ask whether we had a mortgage. Now we wait. She said it takes longer in the summer because people go on vacation and there are fewer employees to process in Madrid but we may be just before then.

And I just got notice that the visa was granted. Exactly one week from the interview!!!


The experience of applying for a Spain Non Lucrative Visa at the Los Angeles Consulate appears to be straightforward and efficient, particularly when applicants come well-prepared with all necessary documentation and translations.

The quick processing time of just one week from the interview to visa approval is notably impressive, although it’s important to note that times may vary, especially during busier summer months. This account highlights the importance of preparation and understanding the specific requirements of the consulate to ensure a smooth application process.