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Have you read all the information on SpainGuru, but still need one-on-one tax advice about Expat tax Spain?  Would you like help filing taxes in Spain or contacts to file taxes in your origin country? We highly recommend a one-on-one consultation with a trusted, English-speaking professional tax advisor from albea – Tax & Global Mobility, experts on Spanish tax and global mobility.

albea – Tax & Global Mobility has a large experience and flexibility, and can help with any query you may have.

After the Expat tax Spain consultation you will know:

  • What tax obligations you have in Spain
  • What options you have, and what the experts think would be the best way to file taxes in Spain correctly
  • An approximate cost of tax filing service according to the complexity of your situation

Who is albea – Expat tax Spain for

  • Individuals in International Mobility who may have international implications, due to different Expat tax Spain residence scenarios, or due to the application of special tax regimes different to the general Spanish personal income tax.​
  • Individuals who may require a personalized and a high-quality tax service.​​
  • Individuals who may have assets and/or investments outside of Spain but also to those who have high investments or a variety of assets in Spain.​
  • Companies and individuals who may require advice related to the different matters that could affect the International Mobility (i.e. international social security, compensation, taxes, etc.).
  • Companies in relation to the different matters that can affect the taxation of its employees.

The team – Expat tax Spain

Expat tax Spain

Almudena Ollero Borrero

Partner and co-founder at albea – Tax & Global Mobility

I have more than 20 years of experience in tax advice to individuals, in management and tax planning of international assignments (long and short duration) and in the preparation and implementation of International Mobility Policies.

Great deal of experience in relation to the tax analysis and advice of long-term compensation / incentive plans / equity based plans.

I have participated as a speaker in seminars and conferences specializing in International Mobility and have been a professor of Personal Taxation in Master’s Degrees of Universities and Business Schools.

Expat tax Spain

Beatriz Pita Santibañez

Partner and co-founder at albea Tax & Global Mobility

I have more than 20 years of experience in tax advice to multinationals and employees in international mobility.

I would highlight my experience and strength in the leadership and management of professional teams. I am used to working on projects and with international teams located in a multitude of countries. Throughout my professional career I have lived several international stays in London, Buenos Aires, Houston, Chennai and Bangalore.

I have participated as a speaker in a large number of seminars and conferences specializing in international mobility.