Can you can contact the consulate in London and get questions answered in advance of applying for a non lucrative Spain visa?


Does anyone know if you can contact the embassy in London about my non lucrative Spain visa application and get questions answered in advance of applying? I’m trying to find out whether the passive income has to be a monthly income that they can apply tax to or whether it can be savings that don’t get taxed…


These are the answers of Spainguru Facebook group members:

“They insist the website has all the info. So they sometimes answer and sometimes don’t but the auto reply says the website has your answer”

“The monthly income candy be from a job. They can allow dividends and rental income. Savings are allowed to show too.Biggest issue out of London now for people who aren’t retired is they are really being harsh on termination letters and the savings not being periodic part. So if you got both, or lots of savings, show all you can if not on a pension. They also have no concern about your taxability, as residency and tax residency are separate. Hope this helps in case they don’t write back. You must have a letter of termination if you have a job and will be quitting. For self employed they will allow notarized statements.”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, seeking clarity on the non lucrative Spain visa application process can be a bit challenging. Passive income sources like dividends and rental income are generally accepted, and savings can also be shown as financial security. However, be prepared for thorough scrutiny, especially regarding termination letters if you have a job and the periodicity of your savings. Remember that taxability and residency are separate concerns. Your application may require notarized statements or other documents for self-employed individuals.

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