Has anyone submitted a non lucrative Spain visa application at the NYC consulate without a letter of intent and gotten approved?

Question about the non lucrative Spain visa

Letter of Intent: I applied for non lucrative Spain visa 16 days ago (Approx. October 15th 2021) at the NYC consulate but after I submitted the application realized I forgot to submit a letter of intent. Has anyone submitted an application without a letter of intent and gotten approved? Or does any one know if this is a dealbreaker or not?


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“Honestly when I went in July it seemed like the woman didn’t even read mine. She did not keep it. I don’t think they let you out of there without either everything being ok or telling you your application is not complete. I felt like if something was missing, they were making people around me come back with it. So if they didn’t ask for it, I wouldn’t be stressing about not submitting it. Also, you could just email it to them with your passport number, if you’re worried. I found them to be extremely nice all around and relatively responsive to email.”

Here’s a first hand experience of a non lucrative Spain visa application at NYC Spanish consulate.

“Would have turned me away but just wondering if in me not submitting it they are wondering about what my intentions are. I’m probably overthinking everything, also. I was thinking about sending it right after I submitted the application but at this point I don’t want to…”

“NYC doesn’t ask for it but it’s always good to have one, especially if it’s written out entirely in Spanish. They kept my letter and I suppose it helped”

“It’s a supplement to your package that would help it. I just wonder if not providing it leaves them to wonder what your intentions are on going there”

Letter of intent template

In case you decide to write a letter of intent, here is a Letter of intent template you can use.


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, the requirement for a letter of intent when applying for a non lucrative Spain visa may vary depending on the consulate. Some members shared their experiences, suggesting that while certain consulates may not explicitly ask for it, having a well-prepared letter of intent, especially in Spanish, can be beneficial as it could potentially strengthen your application.

However, it appears that not submitting it may not necessarily result in an immediate rejection, as one member noted that the consulate staff seemed thorough in ensuring that all necessary documents were provided. Ultimately, the decision may vary by consulate and individual circumstances. If you have concerns, reaching out to the consulate or considering sending the letter separately with your passport number as a precaution could be a viable option.