Any trouble with NYC consulate accepting your health insurance for non lucrative Spain visa application?

Question about non lucrative Spain visa

Has anyone who applied for a non lucrative Spain visa through the NYC consulate had any trouble with them accepting your health insurance? I have proof of policy and prof of auto-renew in January but they’re not accepting this. Is there something else I’m missing? Mine has no copays! But it does have one line that says “accesso a red hospitalaria de EEUU” and the woman said that I need this coverage in Spain, not the US. Which I called Mapfre and they verified its insurance also for abroad outside Spain.


These are the answers of Spainguru Facebook group members:

“I would just get them to write an official letter that states that. In English and in Spanish. Mine was able to do so and I had no problems”

“I got non lucrative Spain visa thru LA consulate and had to pay for one year in advance with no copay. I have Sanitas and live in Southern Spain. I used an agent.”

“Non lucrative Spain visa at NYC consulate, “platinum plan” with Sanitas. They asked us to modify the insurance to cover the one year after our arrival, not our application. Once we did that, it was all good. About the arrival date,  we had timed it out so that we basically worked backwards from “planned arrival” on July 2. We made our appointments for March 17, based on knowledge that approvals were generally running 4-6 weeks at NYC at the time (seems shorter now, especially for Madrid visas). That would give us approval in late April to mid May, and that was a comfortable cushion for our July 1st departure. Upon approval, the consulate asks when you’d like the visa to start, so we said June 30th to be safe for our July 1st departure. You can ask for a reasonably delayed date, like up to 90 days from approval, when you arrive to pick up the visa. Hope that makes sense.”

“Applied through NYC here as well with Cigna in Spain as my insurer. I had no trouble with the insurance coverage I presented and got my visa pretty easily. Did you indicate in your application that you planned to arrive in January?”

“Last year they were requiring the health insurance letter to state it included COVID coverage, though this was LA consulate.

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, the acceptance of health insurance for a non lucrative Spain visa application can vary depending on the consulate and specific requirements. Some members shared their experiences of successfully obtaining their visas by ensuring their health insurance covered the year following their planned arrival in Spain. It’s advisable to communicate clearly with your insurance provider and potentially request an official letter in both English and Spanish stating the coverage details to address any concerns raised by the consulate. Additionally, be aware of specific consulate requirements, such as COVID-19 coverage, which may have been a requirement at certain consulates.