Did anyone get their doctor to sign the medical certificate in Spanish to save translation for the non lucrative Spain visa application?

Question about non lucrative Spain visa medical certificate

Did anyone get their doctor to sign the medical certificate in Spanish to save translation for the non lucrative Spain visa application?


These are the answers of Spainguru Facebook group members:

“Check out Spainguru’s blog post: How long can I be outside of Spain without losing my residency?

“I printed the template that has both in Spanish and English versions. LA’s page has a link to one in both Spanish and English.”

Get your Medical Certificate to apply in any Spanish consulate for any Spanish Visa! Certificate issued by registered Spanish Doctor, that doens’t need translation nor apostille. 100% online.

“We used Spanish gp. Zoom meeting and job done. No translation required 60e each. If it’s a Spanish approved dr then the cert is in Spanish. They know what to write and had not to be legalised in the UK”

“yes. I simply showed her the translation on google translate and she was fine with it.”

“It doesn’t really ask for a physical or any testing. I actually emailed my doctor a copy as I had spoken with her about it at an earlier visit. She simply signed it and mailed it back to me. If you have a family MD who knows you there really isn’t much to it but it depends on the doctor. They just need to know that you are not mentally ill, addicted to drugs or alcohol and that you don’t have communicable diseases.”

“Yes. My doctor signed an English and a Spanish letter and it was fine for the Boston Consulate”

“This might be interesting for UK non lucrative Spain visa applicants! Spainguru has partnered with ZoomDoc and obtained a -10% discount code for the required Medical Letter (Certificate of Good Health) by a UK Doctor. Here’s the link: https://spainguru.es/certificate-of-good-health-required-for-non-lucrative-visa-nlv-or-other-spanish-visas/


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, obtaining a medical certificate for the non lucrative Spain visa application can be a straightforward process. Many members have shared their experiences of having their doctors sign the certificate in both Spanish and English or using templates that are readily available in both languages. Some have even utilized online services to acquire a certificate issued by a registered Spanish doctor, eliminating the need for translation or apostille.

However, after visa application being rejecetd at certain consulates, it is recommended to be physically in Spain if the applicant is using a Spanish doctor medical certificate, even if the interview is virtual or via Zoom. Overall, it appears that there are various options and resources available to streamline this aspect of the visa application process.