Is it legal to be asked your age in a job interview in Spain?


Is it legal to be asked your age in a job interview in Spain?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“I was asked during my first internship”

“There are some internships and apprenticeships you can’t do if you are not a certain age. Like I did my Masters in France and I wasn’t able to do an apprenticeship there because I had just turned 30 and if you’re anything over 29 years and 364 days you can’t do it.!

“I would say no. Double so for a woman as it’s almost like asking if she plans to get pregnant soon.”

“the big problem…if you get legal before you have the job it could be seen as future problems for the person leading the interview.”

“I recruit kind-hearted volunteers online, for sometimes-demanding work. When a volunteer shows up who is clearly 80-something and not up to the job…what can I do?”

“I was asked if I was married and what the nationality and job of my partner was so…”

“Put it this way. If you refuse to answer legal or not, they might interpret this as bad attitude….no job.”

“I’m on a student visa as an auxiliar and had an employer pressure me to get pareja de hecho with my boyfriend so she could hire me despite me qualifying for arraigo social. That felt shady and odd. I mean I’ll probably get pareja de hecho with my boyfriend soon, but they require you to live together for two years in my region and at the time we had only been living together for 6 months.”

“Yes, it is”

“Photo but no birth date on the CV is standard. They may ask in the interview but it’s unlikely with a pro outfit.”

“In an interview I would say it is a reasonable question.”

“Americans are always looking for something to be offended about”

“It’s not legal…/preguntas…/2121741.shtml

“In Spain this is normal. It’s pretty much in a similar spirit to how we typically say “how are you” in the States and you would automatically respond with “fine, thanks” without thinking. It’s usually the 2nd question any Spaniard will ask you because it’s just what they naturally do with everyone new they meet. So I wonder if it might be a culture clash/misunderstanding because again it’s one of the most normal and common things to be asked this in everyday life in Spain.“

“Legal or not, I don’t care. when I interview someone, if the age is not on the CV and the person refuses to reply, fine fair enough. But I will reject the application. If you refuse to tell me your age, it shows that you will be a pain in the arse on a daily basis as a team member. Period.”

“It is illegal to ask your age in a job interview. Usually unless I’m dealing with the public administration, I never use my real data, as you can see from my profile. In a job interview I give my real name because otherwise it’d be awkward after, if they decide to hire me, but all of the other data (age, neighborhood I live in, marital status, family, etc) is not real. It is a job interview, you are not under oath.“

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