Any affordable driving schools or tips on the process of getting a driver’s license in Spain? (Barcelona area)


Hello! I have an American driver’s license and want to obtain the Spanish one with as little cost and time as possible, given that I already have many years of driving experience. Does anyone have recommendations for a driving school or tips on the process for my situation? I understand I can get my years of experiences transferred here with an apostille etc so I don’t have the L on my spanish license. A few driving schools here have quoted me like €900 to do the theory and practical tests. Anyone have advice please?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Just signed up for this one. School seems like it has good reviews.”

“Just do a “homologación” of the license. You just need to do a basic physical aptitude test and pay a few bucks! Don’t get it new from scratch . The hard part is getting the appointment in the DGT (like any appointment in BCN for foreigners). No one’ll give u better advice”

“Check out Driving BCN. Paula is great.”

“try in Cerdanyola… my husband managed to get his in 2 months from the beginning to the end of the process, and he spent less than 300…”

“After many years living here and driving as a “tourist” with my New Zealand license I got my Spanish one about 2010. I found a good teacher who understood my situation perfectly, but I did have a few classes because I had some bad habits, and also, part of the test is getting to know the games that the testers play, the tricky intersections they take people through in Pedralbes and Poble Sec etc. Think I paid around 600 euros altogether and passed everything first time. I used a school called Gomar in Arc de triomf. But – this was 2010.”

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