Do you need to provide a bank statement with sufficient funds and what language should the bank statement be for the Pareja de Hecho application?


Can anyone who has done the Pareja de Hecho answer a few of my questions? 

I’ve been told different things by several lawyers regarding the documents to prove finances. Since I don’t have the papers to secure a job contract, I understand you need to demonstrate a bank statement with sufficient funds. Does this document need to be from the Spanish account of the foreigner (currently living here) or the Spanish national for the Pareja de Hecho application? Thank you!


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Spanish bank account of the Spanish national / eu citizen. The idea is to prove that the EU citizen can take care of the partner financially“

“I was told that you need a bank statement with 11,000 euros if the European citizen is not working in Spain. Whether you the foreigner have a job or not should not matter.

“I always give my Spanish and Australian bank account amounts“

“I did it a month ago, I am Italian and my partner from Brasil. We were not asked any bank statements, and not the empadronamiento to show we live together.“

“I’m French registered with Colombian. And we went to Jesus Taboada Gómez notary. Very fast and simple, nothing requested but passport. Cost was 112e. Not the cheapest one but no document to provide and no delay.“

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