What is the best health insurance provider for a non lucrative Spain visa application?

Can someone recommend a good health insurance provider please? It’s for my non lucrative Spain visa application. I’ve read that Sanitas Expat is good, but I’m clueless! Also in case it’s relevant: I don’t speak Spanish. Gracias!

Answers about the non lucrative Spain visa

These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“I got my original insurance with AME but they’ve been bought out now by Asssa. The new quote doesn’t look too painful and has good coverage.“

“I recommend you Adeslas, full coverage and no copayments. You can get non binding quotes here www.spainguru.es/health-insurance

“Use an English agency for Spanish medical insurance Tailor Made Healthcare Spain by using an agent you can receive added help and support once you take up the policy. Will also if needed liase with consulates for customers www.tailormadehealthcarespain.org“

“Been super happy with Sanitas, they cover all, easy referrals and nothing out of pocket. Here is my reps contact info.“

“For English speaking people I recommend Cigna.