Do you have any suggestions on how to obtain a Spanish work permit/social security number?


Does anyone know how to obtain a Spanish work permit/social security number? I am currently in Barcelona on a student visa and need both in order to get a job. The school that I am with has provided private health insurance and I have never needed to obtain a social security number and I am unsure of the process.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“You need to get a NIE number and then social security. There are many posts on this page on how to do that. Good luck.“

“You have to have a job (or pre-contract) to get a work permit— i know it is super conflictive.“

“For only 199,- euro this company will get you the right paperwork and advice.“

“Practically it’s not possible. I talked today to a lawyer, and he said that with student visa it’s nearly not possible to get a work permit. Only if a company that is hiring you can do it and you need to wait more or less 2 month. If you have a company that will do it for you that’s fine. If not – it’s not possible“

“If you’re from the US, it means outside the EU, with a student visa you can work a limited number of hours. As for the work permit there is no way that you can get the status of residency from student to employment. As for a company sponsoring you, at best you should apply in your country of origin if you get a job contract with a company that has advertised it with state employment agency for many weeks (this is to prove that no national or resident is interested in the job), of course that’s not practical for companies to make such offers for an expatriate as it’s not clear when the prospective employee will ever show up. I also think that companies’ employment sponsorship is no longer possible because the government changed the law.”

“Check out this article, I think it can be helpful

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