Do you have any recommendations for co-working spaces in Barcelona for remote workers?


We’re a couple of remote workers (data coders) and musicians. 

We’re looking for co-working spaces in Barcelona / co-living type of situation, or even just two rooms in a shared house.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“I’d recommend downloading Badi and Idealista, they are the most commonly used apps for finding housing. I’d say for a room in a flatshare, Badi is probably the better option.”

“Check out COasis Coliving!”

“Strongly recommend Badi, I found there a flat for a month, but there is a lot of offers for a longer stay. Have a great time in Barcelona!”

“Check CoMusicWork! Great place for work & play!”

“don’t know about coliving but my coworking is pretty cool!”

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