Do you have any tips and advice regarding non lucrative Spain visa application?

Question about non lucrative Spain visa

I’m a disabled U.S veteran looking into moving to Spain with My family on a non lucrative Spain visa. We currently live in the Dominican Repúblic. Any advice for a retirement visa or any other  advice is most welcomed. Thank You all, have a great day on purpose!


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Look at the non lucrative Spain visa for retirees/non working people. See if you meet the criteria then take it from there”

“For many retired people, the non lucrative Spain visa is really the only route available. But some people can apply for the Golden Visa. You have to be able to invest half a million euros minimum in property or business to get that.”

“..if you do not need to work then there is the option of applying for The Non Working Visa as it is now called. You would need to apply for it in your Country of Residence. See the link below.…/Ser…/Paginas/inicio.aspx”

“You can join Spainguru’s non lucrative Spain visa whatsapp group for guidance”

“You can obtain a Golden visa with an investment of 500k in Spain.”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, it appears that for a disabled U.S. veteran looking to move to Spain with their family, the non lucrative Spain visa for retirees/non-working individuals may be a suitable option to explore. This visa category can provide a pathway for residency without the requirement to work, making it an attractive choice for retirees. Additionally, some members mentioned the possibility of a Golden Visa, which entails a significant investment in property or business. To navigate these options effectively, joining Spainguru’s non lucrative Spain visa FAcebook group or seeking guidance through official channels may be valuable steps in the journey toward a fulfilling and secure retirement in Spain.