Is Spain dog-friendly?


We are planning to go to Spain for a long stay with a dog, 12 lbs. Is Spain dog-friendly? How accommodating is Spain to dogs? In apartments, restaurants, stores?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Most stores (except for pet stores) don’t allow dogs inside and they aren’t allowed inside restaurants – but so many restaurants have outdoor seating areas and they are welcomed there. When we bring our dog with us for tapas the waiters always pet him and bring him a dish of water. Spaniards love dogs, but it’s true that a lot of apartment rentals don’t allow pets. You will find some who will, however, and sometimes those who won’t will agree to a small pet but will ask for a pet deposit or a little more in rent.”

“There are so many dogs here in Madrid! We brought our 18 pound poodle-bichon mix with us in January, and had no problem finding an apartment that allowed him. As others have mentioned, don’t use the “Pet-friendly” filter when looking for an apartment, as most landlords are fine with a small dog (even those who say “no pets”). Many people eat outside here, and dogs are allowed on patios. And veterinary care is SO cheap compared to the US. We just had a minor surgery for our dog that ended up costing about $375 here, and that price was higher than it might have been because we agreed to do some of the pre-surgery testing that was reco’d but not required. The same surgery in the US was going to be about $1800!”

“We brought two 8-pound shih tzus and found Madrid to be very accommodating. There was one apartment we liked that wouldn’t take them, but otherwise we were able to take them almost everywhere. I found it more accommodating for pets in Spain than in the States. We tended to take our pets to restaurants only when sitting outside, just in case, but we saw dogs in bars/restaurants all the time (there was even one down the street where the sign specifically invited them).”

“We’re in Malaga Centro. So far so good. Although, my dogs have been stressed but that’s because she doesn’t like hard surfaces, and they’re everywhere!”

“I have a German Shepherd, and we bring her pretty much everywhere. A lot of stores and restaurants allow us to bring her inside. She is well trained and quiet, so she is treated very very well by people who work in the places we visit. Other patrons usually smile at her or want to pet her. We rent but it is a house so I can’t speak to an apartment.”

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