How can I find a sponsor or help with obtaining a work visa in Spain?


Does anyone know if there is somewhere to search for jobs in Spain, companies that will sponsor my work visa in Spain?

We are a family of four looking to move to Spain to join my parents but to apply for a working visa we need to have a job sponsor first. 

Does anyone know of a way to find these offerings or is it a case of finding a job then asking the employer.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Depends on the sector, I know visas are offered in a few tech and gaming companies in Marbella, Malaga etc post brexit. But they are mainly for developers, designers etc where they cannot recruit locally.”

“Try Portugal. The immigration law is easier, cheaper. You can have a Portuguese passport also after a few years, then enjoy the EU again. Join some British Portugal groups.”


“If you have enough savings for a non-lucrative visa, do that and get a job after your first year. Use that year to learn Spanish or get a student visa.”

“I don’t suppose it will help but here is Spain’s list of professions that are difficult to fulfill and you could therefore apply for:…/profes…/profesiones-mas-demandadas”