Will I have to pay taxes if I transfer a large amount of money to a Spanish account?


I want to transfer a large amount of money to a Spanish account from my US account, right now while the dollar is good (the amt will exceed 10k, so I know I have to file FBAR w/the IRS).

Will there be a flag by Spain, meaning will they expect me to pay taxes on my new/higher balance, even though it’s my own savings money just transferred? I file taxes annually in Spain on passive income earned in the US. What do other people do with regard to transferring large sums?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“My understanding is that you will not pay taxes on the money that you would not have otherwise paid. If you were subject to wealth tax, then that money was already counted in the wealth tax. Other than wealth tax, one doesn’t pay taxes on savings. Be sure to transfer via CurrenciesDirect or Wise to avoid the punishing fees for a transfer from a non-EU bank.”

“There’s no tax on money transfers. You pay tax on income and your overall wealth tax, but just moving money from one account to another is not a taxable event.”

“No income tax consequences from transfer of funds. You’ll file FBAR with US Treasury next year, assuming this xfer puts the balance of your Sp account over the reporting requirement. Your US bank will automatically, & transparently to you, file an anti-money-laundering report on the transfer with the USG.”

“Transferring money has nothing to do with income tax. You pay tax on your earnings, not on moving money from account to account.”

“No income tax issues. But depending on the amount, you can be asked by your Spanish bank to prove the provenance of the funds (as per EU money laundering laws I believe). But I suspect checks are spotty, and it’s really for big, big amounts. But assuming the money isn’t drug money, I’m sure you won’t have an issue!”