We want to buy a property in Spain. Is it OK to work with multiple agents?


Went to see an agent to try to buy a property in Spain, but there were some issues and we didn’t like the agent. Can we contact another agent that is also advertising the same property? We haven’t signed or paid anything to the first agent yet.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Yes you can. It’s up to the agents to sort out any commission if you purchase.”

“I would discuss with the 2nd agent and solicitor, many agents show the same property, we’ve had that a few times. Maybe you liked it better on the 2nd viewing with the other agent.”

“Surely you can. I did that in the past.”

“Yes of course you can and no one can denounce or threaten too…I’m an agent here for nearly 20 years..this type of behaviour gives us all a bad name…best of luck hope you get sorted”

“As a former broker in the US, and knowing laws are very different here, I’d think you are OK to proceed. It may depend on the agreement the owner has with the various agents he/she signed in this obviously “non-exclusive” listing. But then, the owner doesn’t care who brings the buyer…he will pay the commission at closing to that agent/brokerage. As noted, if you did not sign anything with the agent you don’t like, there seems little recourse the agent has. But the new agent, if honest and ethical, should be able to answer this for you as they don’t want to get embroiled in a legal situation.”

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