Is it required to apostille the medical certificate for a Spanish student visa?


I’m moving to Madrid this summer and I am applying for a Spanish student visa through the Los Angeles consulate, for those who went through this one did you have to have your medical certificate apostilled? The consulate website is a bit unclear about this part.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“No, just the background check…but things change”

You do not need a medical certificate apostilled, but in MA they requested it to be translated by the certified translator. I’ve used Spanish Group LLC. They are really good.”

“No Apostille but yes to translation. Were you able to get an appointment for your Visa, I can’t seem to get one, any tricks”

“There is a link that the consulate supplies so that is in English and Spanish. Find that link and bring it to your doctor. It needs to be printed on the doctors stationary, signed and stamped”

“We took the verbatim consulate medical/DR/health letter wording directly from the consulate website. My son – bilingual – translated it to Spanish and we had this typed below in English version. Got signed off by DR & then we just had it notarized. Worked for the Chicago consulate. Some docs did require a certified translator but health & the financial statement we did this way. A little easier. Apostilling can be time consuming & a pain. “

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