How can I get a Regreso appointment? Is it possible to pay a tasa without a Spanish bank account?


I am looking for any words of wisdom to find a last minute REGRESO appointment? (I know, I know.. check, check, and check again). Also, any offices in Madrid that you’ve found success just showing up? Looking at all options.

Is it possible to pay a TASA without a Spanish bank account?   What about with a Spanish bank account (at an ATM), but with my boyfriend’s bank account?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Should be possible, you can pay in cash in the bank, so you should be fine.”

“Yes! In La Caixa atm’s- first insert the card then you’ll see an option to pay your tasa

As for regreso appointments: I’m in Barcelona- if you go to the city that you empadronado at where they do regreso citas, get there early like 45 minutes before they open and wait in line. In bcn, I’m sure in Madrid as well- they will see people without a cita on a first come first serve basis, they will see everyone with a cita first then whoever is in line. Anyone in Madrid- correct me if this isn’t the case”

“I paid the tasa for my NIE application with cash. Ironically, I had to know the NIE and put it on the form before the bank would accept the payment!”

“I’ve always had success booking regreso appointments in Madrid between 8-9 am Friday mornings. They only release them one week in advance.”

“They don’t care who pays as long as it’s paid.”

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