What is the best town to live in Spain for people who are into marine wildlife conservation?


Planning on moving to Spain in June next year. We are just starting out. But me and my wife are really into Marine wildlife conservation. Can you help us locate the best town to live in Spain, or companies that would be open to volunteers?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Check out Valencia. There’s a marine center and the Oceanographic”

“Contact this group in Cadiz”

“Tenerife has a great Oceanographic center and in general the Canary Islands have one of the most diverse marine ecosystem. I would check the small islands (El Hierro or La Palma)”

“Check out, on Facebook, “Oceanicas” There is lady by the name of Eva Hernandez, I believe she can assist you on this matter.”

“Try Tarifa,the Orca centre.”

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