What are the documents required for non lucrative Spain visa application that need to be Apostilled?

Question about the non lucrative Spain visa

For the non lucrative Spain visa application, aside from the Apostille needed for the medical certification document, do we need any other document certified in this manner?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“For the non lucrative Spain visa, we needed Marriage/ civil partnership/birth certificates/ 2005 health forms/ acro police certificate…jurisdictionally translated and apostilled”

“How did you get your medical certificate apostilled for the non lucrative Spain visa? In my state, Pennsylvania, the medical certificate must be notarized first and only then can they be apostilled. I cannot figure out how to get it notarized unless I bring the notary to the doctor’s office with me. I am at loss as to what to do.”

Get your Medical Certificate to apply in any Spanish consulate (US, UK, etc) for any Spanish Visa! Certificate issued by registered Spanish Doctor, that doens’t need translation nor apostille. 100% online.

“Marriage, civil partnership and birth certificates, if applicable, need to be apostilled and translated.”

“I was advised to get a new marriage certificate dated within 3 months of the visa appointment, which needs apostilling and translating.”

“I got my medical in valencia so it did not need to be translated. Police report had to be apostilled and translated to Spanish. Bank funds was in English”

The Apostille documents need to be translated by a sworn translator, here’s Spainguru’s recommendation: https://spainguru.es/recommended-spanish-sworn-translators-registered-with-ministry-foreign-affairs/