How can I get a Social security number for work purposes if I am currently on a student visa in Spain?


I recently got a job offer from a private school in Madrid. I’m currently on a student visa in Spain for a master’s program I just completed and my TIE expires in late July. They’ve requested I get a SSN, but I was under the impression I would need to convert to a work visa first.

The school suggested I ask at the social security office, however I’m skeptical they’ll be able to give me proper advice. Anyone know what the protocol would be for how to switch with a contract and get going on the work visa process? I’ve been here for 3 years, although due to COVID chaos only have a documented TIE from this last year.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“You won’t be able to get a SSN until you have permission to work.”

“This is the procedure info. Until you have modified your student stay to a residency type that allows you to work, you will not be able to get a SSN. No matter what kind of contract they have offered you it doesn’t mean anything until you have permission to work.…/hoja065/index.html”

“If you have the digital certificate, you can get your SSN fairly easily here:”

“I was actually able to get my Spanish SSN last summer while I was still here on an Aux/student visa. I guess it turns out we all kind of get one when we apply for the visa and start the “internship” at the school, it’s just not that useful in terms of info because we’re not able to work anyway so what’s the point of knowing the number Another aux at my last school was able to ask the school for his and they gave it to him because they had a record of it but I did it myself through the process of applying for a digital certificate first and then using that to obtain my SSN. Hope this helps and good luck!!”

“They need to hire you on a work visa. You can get an SSN using a clave but you can’t Alta with it because you don’t have a temporary work visa.”