Is a Spain student visa the best option to be able to stay in Spain for at least 6 months?


We would like to get a 6 month stay in Spain. We love Malaga but want to be certain before we pay $$$$$ for a visa. Any creative ways to stay 4-6 months as non Schengen citizens? Looked at the Spain student visa. We are retired and honestly 90 days goes by too fast


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Not really and if you get caught over-staying, remember your passport will be stamped. They can ban you from re-entering the country for two years which would almost definitely bar you from any future long term visa.”

“Sign up for a 6-month language course. But it has to be at a language school that is accredited for visas, eg this one which explains the process:”

“You can spend 90 days then go to a non-schengen country, like UK, then you can spend another 90 in EU. but then you have to wait 90 days before you can do it again as you can only be on a tourist visa 90/180 days. but every time you enter EU, it starts a new 90, so as long as in the last 180 days you were only in EU for 90”

“The student visa is such a pain. If you only plan to stay for 6 months: stay 3 months as a tourist, leave (UK, Morocco, anywhere nearby) and then come back for 3 more months as someone suggested above. But if you have the funds better apply for the non lucrative visa.”

“You could get student visas if you wanted to enroll in courses. You still have to apply and provide information. Otherwise, the non lucrative visa or the so called Golden visa (invest over 500K)are about the only options for non EU citizens. Honestly, the 90 days in, 90 days out option is the best for people who do not want to become Spanish residents.”

In conclusion, while there are options like enrolling in a 6-month language course at an accredited school, these may come with their own set of requirements and procedures. The 90-day in, 90-day out approach, where you spend 90 days in the EU and then leave to a non-Schengen country like the UK or Morocco before returning for another 90 days, is a possibility, but it requires careful tracking. The non lucrative Spain visa or Spain Golden visa (for significant investments) are the more straightforward routes for non-EU citizens seeking extended stays. Ultimately, the choice of method should align with your specific circumstances and possibilities, ensuring a smooth and legal stay in Spain.