What is the suggested period or duration from getting your residency to ship your things to Spain so one can avoid the Spanish import tax?


We want to ship our things from Western New York to Spain having just received residency. We understand that this can be done without paying the Spanish import tax if it is done within a certain amount of time. Could someone who is familiar with this please tell me the details of the process? -or point me in the direction of some information on this?

We want to know among other things how long once we have been granted residency do we have to make the shipment? I’ve heard six months, I’ve also heard a year.  From what date does this timing start; from when you receive notice that you can register for your residency?

From when you go apply for your residency card? ..or from when you receive your residency card? -We are in Spain presently. I worry that we already are short of time now. I am also researching moving companies and that alone is taking time.. 


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“We shipped out items as a part of a large shipment through https://www.schumachercargo.com/

We were not able to ship due to the Covid, so we shipped after 2 years of the residency. Have not paid any taxes. I suggest you get in touch with the company. They done it for many years and very professional. We shipped from CA, door to door.”

“You need to make a list of all your things and have receipts for them. Have a customs agent in Spain and also declare that you have moved to Spain with the US consulate. It’s called a baja consular.”

“I believe you have six months from the date you arrive in Spain to bring in used household goods duty-free. We shipped last June from San Diego to A Coruña. The shipper handled all paperwork-we just had to put together an inventory (I also used photos) with replacement values. Didn’t need original receipts. Good luck!”

“Hire a reputable company and they will handle it “

“Shipped with Schumacher – door to door – Ft. Myers, FL to Valencia. They handled everything including packing and unpacking, building special cartons for art work. Walked us thru the entire process. Move went off without any problems. Might be a bit more complicated now with the problems in the shipping industry. Our move was 11-2020.”