Do you have any phone service recommendations in Spain that can be used to call someone in the US?


I am so confused as to which phone service to use. I was all ready to sign up with Lobster but I want to make sure I can still call in the US when I return to visit my son. Does anyone have any phone service recommendations in Spain?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Orange gives me an hour of Int’l calls per cycle.”

“I would buy minutes on Skype and use that to call a landline, mobile if you’re not doing video calls via WhatsApp.”

“I’ve used both Lobster and Vodafone in the last year. Lobster is a good deal if you only want to call from Spain to the US. But if you want to make calls while you’re in the US then Lobster isn’t for you because their US roaming charges are steep. Vodafone has pre-paid plans that are only slightly more expensive than Lobster and they include free roaming in the US.”

“I ported my American number to Google Voice while I was still in the States. Once I got here, I got Lobster. Worked out beautifully. Once I visit I just get a prepaid SIM and forward the number to Google Voice. No problem!”

“Love Digi. You can call the states but it won’t work in the states. I pay 10€ month when I’m here and have tons of data/minutes left over. One has to put at least 5€ every 6 months to keep the number.”