How long does an FBI Background Check take?


How long does the fbi background check take, more or less?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“In the United States, our took 3 about 3 weeks. We had the fingerprints inked, then mailed them to the FBI. Our mail service wasn’t the best, so it was nerve-wracking. The apostille was another 3 weeks, but we could track its progress.”

“We did fingerprints at the post office and I had the reports digitally inside 24 hours. The mailed copies took longer, but I had the digital copies printed and sent for apostillé. If I did it over I’d hire for hand delivery for the apostillé. That took most of a month.”

“3 wks. My friends took 5 wks”

“Mine was delivered July 5th and the channeler says it will likely be delivered mid August!”

“I did the online request but mailed my fingerprints. From the day I requested online (mailed them the next day), it took 9 days to get the online results. Still waiting for the official paper to arrive in the mail.”

“Check out Spainguru’s blog post How to get an FBI background check in 2 weeks instead of 6