How long does the whole non lucrative Spain visa application process take and how much does it cost?

Question about the non lucrative Spain visa

Looking for advice on applying for non lucrative spain visa. A few Lawyers/agencies are quoting 1200 euro to do it for you, which seems like a lot, but from what I gather you have to collect all the docs anyway yourself. Has anyone done it themselves? How complicated was it? How long did the whole process take from start to finish?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“I did the non lucrative Spain visa application myself. 3 months start to finish, a lot of it is wait times. It’s not a hard process.. and you have to still do a lot yourself even if you hire a lawyer. IMO not worth paying .”

“I’ve done it both ways with a family. It depends on what you value. Do you want spend your time looking through groups, websites and creating spreadsheets and save yourself money or do you want to pay for someone to definitively answer your questions based on your exact circumstances in one email or phone call? Your values and budget will be the best guide. Legal advice and visa help can be found at a reasonable price in Spain vs what we usually expect in the US. I will say, 1200€ is on the high end of the fee spectrum. You can find good help for a lower fee.”

“We did it for ourselves as a family of four with documents and apostilles coming from five different countries. In the US we had both State and Federal documents to order and apostille. If we can do it, I think anyone can. Overall it took about one year of overall planning. Between actual submission of documents and actual visa, it was two weeks. I would say it took us four months of hardcore document seeking and management before submission.”

“We were exactly like you 3 months ago as we researched the process. Within a few weeks we had found spreadsheets, learned how each stap works and terminology and it starts to make sense and feels way easier. We are in the doc gathering stage now still and it’s not overwhelming at all.”

“I used a lawyer, I’ve been waiting 90 days for and appt (Chicago consulate). Now I’m having to renew my FBI and Honduran background check. I really didn’t think it’d take this long. I thought an attorney would be faster. Not so much..”

“Here’s an interesting post “First-hand experience: The costs of our non lucrative visa spain application in London”

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