What Constitutes ‘Working Age’ at Houston Spanish Consulate for Non Lucrative Spain Visa?

Question about non lucrative Spain visa at Houston

Houston Consulate non lucrative Spain visa Question:

Does anyone know what is consider “working age”? We are providing retirement “proof” listed as #8 on their site.

But… #13. Affidavit says “If you are of working age, you must provide a letter of termination from your employer stating that you will no longer work for that company or, Sabbatical year”

Thoughts, comments, or any experience with being working age with non lucrative Spain visa application?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Some folks in this group have gotten the non lucrative Spain visa in their 20s or 30s. It is clearly subjective, but yes, I have read people in this group saying they needed a letter from their employer. It can be an issue if you were not planning to tell your employer until after your visa approval. I think some folks have said they reported this at the interview and were able to send the letter after the interview had otherwise gone well and they were expecting approval. If you were over 60, it seems like it would be less likely that they would ask.”

“The age is not defined. If you think you are of a typical societal working age then you should provide a letter. It can even be a letter you wrote yourself that says you are not going to work after your visa is approved.”

“I applied through Houston and am “of working age.” It’s my understanding that anyone younger than 65 is in this bracket. Also, Houston will want a letter of resignation from your employer AND the affidavit promising not to work.”

“I don’t know for sure, but assume between 16 and 66, or age of typical retirement age in Spain.”

“If you are retiring and you have proof of it, that’s all you need.