Is it best to secure a job before moving to Spain from the UK?


I am looking to sell my house in wales and move to Alicante area. I want to buy a property with the cash from my uk sale. I may have the opportunity to remote work or will look for a job once there. Is this the easiest route for me or is it best to secure a job beforehand? Looking on google and very difficult to find out as all sites say different.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Unfortunately if you are a non EU passport holder then you cannot simply move and work. Please check out the Spanish consulate website for the visa options available to you x”

“It isn’t easy. You can either switch from NLV to cuenta ajena (work permit) if you have been living in Spain for at least 1 year and have a full time job offer or you can apply for a cuenta propia (self-employment) visa.”

“If you’re thinking about remote working then it may be worth hanging on until the new Digital Nomad visa is finalised as part of the Start up law that’s currently going through legislation – You can join this group for updates:

“Keep foothold back home yiu need to get employment to work here a company that will sponsor you as UK has left EU and it’s been a nightmare since good luck and Spain is not for all paying into the social here is so high”

“Keep your house in wales and just rent for 3 months at a time only way. Better anyway if you work remote after the year discount you’d need to pay €300 a month for the privilege of being self employed anyway, even if you earned nothing. It’s a joke!”

“If you have a UK passport then its almost impossible to work in the EU anymore.”

“The UK has left the EU. As a UK citizen you no longer have the right to live, work or study in the EU. To work, you need to be sponsored by an employer who must prove that they cannot employ a EU citizen. It’s the same for all non EU citizens, UK, US, Canada etc.”

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