How can I avoid squatters (okupas) if I leave my apartment in Spain empty for a period of time?


I hear a lot about squatters in Spain, I’m thinking of relocating there soon. I have a trip planned for the month of October. I’m concerned that if I leave my apartment for a week or more , I will find someone else living in it. How can I prevent this from happening?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Normally okupas don’t attempt to enter apartments.. only empty houses”

“Unfortunately they do enter apartments, the building next door to our house, have got one of the flats occupied for more than a year. In the Comunidad where my friend lives they have 3 flats occupied. This is in Alicante.“

“Some towns are more attractive to them, especially big towns. They don’t usually get in on small villages or country houses.”

“Not much you can do..Unfortunately the rules in Spain are diabolical. Squatters have more rights than the owners. Same as tenants of rental property. You can own a property and rent it out to a tenant who pays you NOTHING..but they have more rights than you! It’s utter madness but accepted here. The many joys of living in Spain”

“Squatters (okupas) take over empty houses without service – usually owned by the banks. Otherwise, it’s called ‘allanamiento de morada’ – breaking and entering – and the police will arrest them. On another subject entirely, the alarm companies are doing well here.”

“That is not correct, they will get into any empty properties, once they settle in it can take years to get rid of them. In some Comunidades is quicker than others.”

“Don’t you watch the news. There has been plenty of cases where the people went on holidays, to find their property occupied by squatters on their return. Many people I know have squatters in their homes, and the person that posted, does not live there, she is not even resident. If she gets a court order within 72 hours herself and presents the Deeds, then the police will act.

Once they settle in is a different matter.”

“Actually they prefer properties owned by private people, Banks empty properties have no furniture, or electrical appliances. No water supply or connected electricity.”

“Squatters don’t choose only empty properties or bank owned ones .

They’re really taking advantage of the legal loopholes creates on purpose from this communist government to generate chaos and misery.The truth there is no way of preventing squatters from your property because the law only protects the squatter . It’s any property in danger even luxury ones . I’m located in Marbella and people are always worried of their property is the next one”

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