What visa should I get to work remotely from Spain for an international company?


I’m planning on moving to Spain next year and would love to work there, but I’ve read that working visas or finding work there is quite difficult.

Has anyone moved to Spain and worked remotely for an Australian or international company? What visa did you go on and did you have any troubles?

I’m open to any type of work and to be honest was thinking of doing the Auxiliares de Conversacion program as a last option. If anyone has done this program, please let me know. 


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“I’m moving there this January on a working holiday visa / youth mobility , but my partner and a couple classmates from uni (we all study spanish) are doing Auxiliares and going over in September!

I’ve done pros and cons for both as well as the student visa and honestly the auxiliar and Youth Mobility are your best bet”

“The student visa is a good option. The Academy I went through had an internship program with a University which, while you are told students can’t work, was not the case. When people get a job, they handle all the paperwork to enable employment. Me? I did the student program just so I could hang out in Spain because of the Schengen visa rules only allowing 3 months out of 6 in the EU.”

“Wages here are super low compared to back in Australia. If you saved. 10k aus could leave easily here for 6 months if you just wanted a chill time.”

“Working remotely and becoming a freelancer ( it is called autónomo). If you speak to a “gestoria” they can sort it out for you.”

“If you don’t have Spanish/EU working rights, your main options are the Working Holiday Visa (if you’re under 30) or wait until Spain introduces the Digital Nomad Visa (no one knows when that will be). Otherwise, you’ll need to find a company to sponsor a visa for you, and they’ll need to show that the job can’t be filled by an EU citizen (and it’s virtually impossible to show this).

The Auxiliar programme is your best bet. I did it for 6 years, and in terms of salary received for hours worked, it’s actually very competitive for Spain.”