Would I be able to purchase a property in Spain with a Spanish Digital Nomad Visa?


With Spain’s digital nomad visa on the horizon, it looks like I will finally have (hopefully) a viable option for relocating from US to Spain. My question is, would I be able to purchase a property in Spain with a Spanish Digital Nomad Visa? And if so, is it possible to purchase BEFORE actually getting the visa?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“If you have money to buy property, then you have other visa options already.”

“Yes, you can buy property at anytime with or without a Visa. However I would strongly recommend not to buy until you are here and find a place you really like. It is different to vacation in Spain than live all year. We are Immigration lawyers and get calls every week from Expats who want to get out of bad property deals. There are many technical and registry issues in Spain, illegal builds, not zoned correctly, old debts, mortgages, taxes, dishonest agents, etc. If you rent for a while, not only will you find a the perfect place for you but also at a better price.”

“I read the Digital Nomad Visa might not even have a permanent residency route (oxymoron) … proceed with caution!”

“Beware the Okupa!!!”

“You can buy property any time without a visa ! You would not necessarily be able to live in it full time or rent it out ! You need Visa’s to live in Spain and a license to rent out property… check out Golden Visa Spain if you have a spare 500K + And check t”

“I tought the DN visa was so delayed that it was estimated to be the earliest in 2024? did that change?”

“The new visa when available will attract a 26% tax rate – most true digital nomads will give this a wide birth .”

“My advice , dont ever buy a property until you have your visa sorted and approved. Otherwise you will be limited to 90 day stays and your property , then becomes ripe for squatters . And that is a problem you definitely do not want .”

“You don’t need a visa to buy a property. But the DN visa remains a pipe dream.”

“The digital nomad visa hasn’t been before parliament yet. It could be amended or not passed into law.”

“You don’t need a visa to buy property. Most Brits with pre-Brexit holiday homes only get to use theirs every 90/180 days. Your mortgage rate (if using) and required deposit will be higher though”

“ANYONE may buy a property in Spain. The question is how long you’ll be allowed to enjoy your property; i.e. is it only going to become your ‘vivienda vacacional’, or ‘vivienda habitual’. Personally, I wouldn’t take the risk – whether you obtain the visa or not!”

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