We will be in Spain for 88 days. Should I get a Spanish or American health insurance for my American baby?


My baby and I are planning to visit our family in Spain, I am a Spanish citizen but he is not. Id like to get a health insurance in case he gets sick. Should I get an American or Spanish (Sanitas, Adeslas…) Insurance? We will be in Spain for 88 days


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“I use Geoblue when traveling abroad. Best medical insurance for Americans I have found (up to 6 months).”

“You have to get travel insurance to cover your possible medical needs. Health insurance contracts in Spain are annual. If you will stay 88 days, travel insurance is what you need, usually purchased in the country of origin”

“Generally American insurance covers the emergency room when traveling overseas. You could verify it that’s the case with his insurance and rely on that if he does get sick. We’ve had to visit ERs while traveling a couple times and always been covered.”

“It all depends how much coverage you want. If you just want the basic being able to go to the ER etc. check with your actual US insurance if it is covered.
We travel several times a year to Spain and took travel insurance with Allianz. It covers more like travel cancellation coverage, bringing you back home when it is severe and more. It is not that expensive and maybe worth it for you”

“American, I use IMG Global ( never needed to use, so far )”

“You will need a travel insurance valid for 88 days. You can get one for your toddler for as low as 72$ for 88 days here: https://spainguru.es/health-insurance-for-visitors-to-us/


“For travel insurance, I have used World Nomads (for Spain last year) and, most recently, Seven Corners (for travel to Scotland). Seven Corners was a bit cheaper.”

“Call your American insurance. We have BCBS and our policy covers medical expenses while traveling. We just have to pay then get reimbursed.”

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