How long is taking the FBI background check US Federal Apostille?


Sent FBI background check for Apostille, saying 4-5 weeks (federal). Feels frustrating not being able to get on with anything else


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“It took 3 weeks for my FBI background check and 5 weeks for Apostille. We were sweating. Our appt with the consulate was a few days before the return of the Apostilled background so we showed the email correspondence we got from an “expedited service” along with the actual background check. It worked to get us to processing the visas. The consulates know there is a delay with the Apostilles. Also, personal experience is that there really cannot be expedited service at this point with delays and not being able to walk in for this. Best of luck. Maybe another week or two.”

“Ours returned exactly six weeks after they received it. Received Aug 15, returned Sept 26. Hope that helps with expectations. We are hoping to get our application turned in Monday. sent it certified mail with a tracking # on the return as well. At four weeks I started tracking it daily. You can set up alerts through USPS that tells you what mail you are receiving every day but the tracking # is faster feedback.”

“We did that first and used the wait time to finish everything else. We were lucky though, as when we did it wait was only 3 weeks. You should be fine, though, I’d think.”

“I’m at 7 weeks and have spoken to my congressman and the State Dept and still no luck getting it. It’s the only thing we have left that we need to submit. They received ours August 12 and still no news.”

“It’ll happen….but not quickly! Just spoke to them and they are not yet working on (scanning in) the ones received 09/01. Once they are scanned in to their system, it’ll take ~3 more weeks.”

“Hang in there! The person that’s advising me says they’re taking two months on average to get those back.”

“Sent our background check on August 26th to be Apostilled & still waiting (9/30). Nothing is done quickly !!!”

“I spoke to my congresswoman and I got it back in 2 weeks. Find who represents your district, go to their website and they usually have a section where you can request help with the federal government, it worked really well for us.”

“I had a DC-based visa service process mine and it was three weeks.”

“Contact your state representative or senator to request expedition. My wife received hers back within a week this way.”

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