What do you recommend writing in your non lucrative Spain visa intention letter?

Question about the non lucrative Spain visa

I am doing the intention letter for our non lucrative Spain visa , and I am wondering if anyone can share how you guys did the letter… what do you recommend writing?
I am writing about how much I like their culture, food, and music, also adding that we have enough money to support ourselves and that we do not have any intention to work there…
Anything else I should add?


These are the answers of Spainguru Facebook group members:

“We were told to make it personal, reiterate what it means to you to live in Spain. How you intend to fill your days, how your able to retire etc. We included fotos as well. Hope this helps.”

“The instructions in English are different from the instructions in Spanish for the Houston consulate. I’ve been following the instructions in Spanish and yesterday for some reason I accessed the website in English and it’s very different.
Also, in Spanish they ask for an ID-sized picture and in English it specifically says the picture must be 2×2 inches, so passport size they make things more confusing than it needs to be.”

“It’s not on any consulates website and I don’t think they expect it in the UK at all.
I did mention I speak Spanish and a very brief line about why we want to live there. But I figured they probably don’t care one bit about my love for cured meats and rioja. I really broke down all of our finances in detail so it was clear that we were well above the requirements and then about why we would be good citizens due to our previous work and how we’ve lived our lives.
I might be wrong and being a little British and cynical, but as quaint as some of the letters I’ve seen online seem, I’d be highly surprised if anybody picking them up cares about your love for all things Spain, they want to know you’re going to be a good candidate for a visa, which means able to support yourselves and be a decent person too.”

“It is required for LA consulate. We wrote that we wanted to improve our cultural appreciation for Spain and practice our Spanish with native speakers.”

“Is this a US thing as we didn’t need to submit a letter to Edinburgh?”

Letter of intent template

In case you decide to write a letter of intent, here is a Letter of intent template you can use.


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, crafting an effective intention letter for the non lucrative Spain visa involves a balance between personal enthusiasm for Spain’s culture and a clear demonstration of financial stability. While some consulate instructions may differ, the general consensus among members is to emphasize how living in Spain holds personal significance, detailing plans for retirement, cultural engagement, and language practice.

Practicality and financial viability are key aspects, with a focus on meeting visa requirements and portraying oneself as a responsible and desirable candidate. While there may be variations in requirements across consulates, it is essential to align the letter with the specific guidelines of the relevant consulate to enhance your visa application’s chances of success.