What does “TRAMITE – REQUERIDO” response mean when applying for a non lucrative Spain visa renewal?


After almost 3 months since my 1st non lucrative Spain visa renewal application, I finally got a status response. But what does “TRAMITE – REQUERIDO” mean?
As far as I know, I submitted all the required documents and paid the necessary fees. The SEDE website does not specify what else is required to process my application.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“If you applied digitally you will be able to view the notification with your digital certificate .
If physically then you will have to wait for the certified letter . Your 10 days will start from the day after signing for the letter .”

“If you applied applied digitally, not with a digital certificate, but through the Correos system called ORVE.you will have to wait for a physical letter to reach you. Usually takes 10-20 days certified mail. If you do not receive within 14 days go to Extranjería and ask for a copy”

“We got an email letting us know that we would receive notification of our visa application. Took about 10 days to arrive by correos, for us to know we were approved.”