Can I work under my Spanish Student Visa?


I am a student studying a masters here in Spain and I just picked up my new TIE. To my surprise it says that I am authorized to work whereas my old one does not. I applied for the same Spanish Student Visa. Does anyone know of the law has changed or what kind of work I can do ? Initially I am thinking it is a mistake

Spanish Student Visa
New and old TIEs.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Yes the law has recently changed to where you can work as long as your job is linked to what you are studying .”

“(Lawyer’s opinion) There is no requirement that the job is linked to what you are studying. Consider what that would mean for someone studying medicine.”

“Yes, the law changed on July 27th last year. Now students can work up to 30 hours directly.”

“My roomie is renewing his as we speak. They told him that until he has the new permit where it explicitly says he is allowed, he can’t work.”

“I just got my new NIE. And mine says not allowed to work but even with this my second year in Madrid I worked at an academy which is when we could only work 20 hours. And BEDA told us we can work up to 30 hours now. But never mentioned anything about our NIE having to say “allowed to work”. I’m more confused now lol”

“Before you still needed to apply for a work permit to be able to work part time as a student, now you don’t have to do it anymore”

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