I am a Filipino applying for the Spanish citizenship. Do I have to be empadronado for 2 years?


I am a filipino passport holder and I will be applying for the Spanish citizenship next month via the 2 years residency path. I am receiving conflicting information regarding the empadronamiento.

Does it have to say that you have been empadronado for 2 years on the document? Some sources say it is not important as long as you are applying for the nationality through residency. I know it is important for arraigo social and being married to an EU citizen…


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“No, it doesn’t. But you’re going to need other sources of evidence that you’ve resided and remained in Spain continuously (i.e., without too many absences). If you have a lawyer, you should ask them what type of evidence would best fit your particular needs.”

“I got my latest one a few months ago and it contained all previous padron’s I had applied for since being in Spain. All listed in a row. Just ask”

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