Spain golden visa: Can the investment be in co-ownership with another party?


For the Spain Golden Visa I understand you must invest 500k Euros into residential property. Can this be a co-ownership with another party?
Say you purchase a place for 900k, but you invest 500k and another party invests the remaining 400k. Would that qualify for the Spain Golden Visa investment requirement?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Yes, as long as the Co-ownership agreement states the value and percentage of ownership on the deeds.”

“Yes. There’s no requirement in the relevant legislation that you’re the only owner.”

“It doesn’t have to be residential property. It can be literally any property: housing, retail, commercial, land, rental housing, parking space, etc.
And you can buy as many properties as you want as long as they total €500k or more.
You can own the property with an outside party. Just make it clear in the paperwork who is investing how much. An investor will be able to obtain an Investor Visa (outside of Spain) or Residence Permit (inside of Spain) as both of these are considered the “golden visa”. The main investor will be the main applicant, and the spouse, children, and dependent parents are also included.
In the case you mentioned, the party investing €400k would not be eligible for the golden visa as they would also need to invest at least €500k in properties. But they could buy another property for €100k and then be eligible. This document explains a lot:

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In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, in assessing the requirements of the Spain Golden Visa, it’s evident that an investment of €500k in property is pivotal for eligibility. This investment does not necessarily have to be exclusively in residential property; options span across different types of real estate, from commercial spaces to land and even parking spots. Co-ownership is permissible, with the vital stipulation that the deeds clearly delineate the value and percentage of ownership for each party involved. Thus, in a scenario where two parties co-purchase a property for €900k, with one party investing €500k and the other €400k, only the former would be immediately eligible for the Golden Visa. However, the latter party can still attain eligibility by making an additional investment to meet the €500k threshold. For a comprehensive understanding and guidance on this matter, reference to official documentation, such as the one provided by the Spanish government, is highly recommended.

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