What is the minimum income needed to apply for the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa?

The following article is based on internet research. The Spanish Digital Nomad Visa is still awaiting official regulation that must come by the end of March 2023, therefore the following information is speculation.

The remote worker will have to meet the government’s minimal income requirements, which will most likely be twice the minimum wage, in order to be given a Spanish Digital Nomad Visa. The current minimum monthly pay is €1,000 in 2022, but there are plans to raise it to roughly €1100 in 2023, so digital nomads must show that they make at least €2,000, if not more, each month to be eligible for the visa. Additionally, it is uncertain whether the income requirement will be based on 12 or 14 monthly pay periods.

According to this official page from the UGE (Unidad de Grandes Empresas y Colectivos Estratégicos), which is the office that wil receive the Digital Nomad applications in Spain, these are the minimum income requirements:

“Holders of visas and residence authorizations: amount that represents 200% of the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI) monthly.
Family units that include two people, counting the owner person and the regrouped person: at least 75% of the SMI. 25% of the SMI will be required for each additional member to the two people mentioned.”

Here’s a table that shows the figures considering 14 pays per year, and the calculation with the current Minimum Salary and the expected Minimum Salary for 2023.

Family UnitMinimum Salary 2022 (Monthly)Expected Minimum Salary (Monthly)MultipleTotal Yearly SMI 2022Total Yearly Expected SMI 2023
1st applicant€1,000€1,083200%€28,000€30,324
2nd applicant€1,000€1,08375%€10,500€11,372
3rd, 4th, 5th etc€1,000€1,08325%€3,500€3,791
Example family of 4 membersYearly income needed (SMI 2022)
Main applicant€28,000
Spouse or 2nd applicant€10,500
Child 1€3,500
Child 2€3,500
Total (Yearly income)45,500

These amounts can be accredited, with the employment contract, payroll/payslips, and a letter from your employer that states that they allow you to work remotely from Spain. All the documents must translated into Spanish. Also, as supporting documents it will probably help to present bank statements that show your wages are paid into your account each month.

It is worth mentioning, although seems unlikely, in a recent Q/A meeting with Immigration Lawyers, they stated that it may only be required to prove a minimum of 8000€/year of income for one applicant which corresponds to the current IPREM Index, multiplied multiplied by 14 pays.

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