Can I enter Spain without an onward ticket as an Australian? Should I pre-register my Pareja de Hecho in Australia?


I would like to know if anybody has some advice on how to enter Spain without an onward ticket, as an Australian Citizen. I intend to start a life in Spain with my Spanish de facto partner of 5 years. It seems the Pareja de Hecho application in Spain must be done after arriving.

However, the airline will ask me for an onward ticket. I’m sure there is a way to enter without an onward ticket for this particular reason, but unsure how.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“I’ve entered Spain maybe 4 times in the past 6 months and was never once asked for a second ticket.”

“We moved to Spain one month ago. We didn’t apply for anything and Australia and we came with one way tickets. My husband applied for his NIE/residency once we got here, I took less than one month.”

“Have a cheap fight ticked booked to somewhere else, but don’t use it”

“We just arrived from Australia to Barcelona. Husband and baby aussie, me Spanish. No questions. You have 90 days to play around and after if you want to stay you need to apply for tarjeta comunitaria. I recommend to bring your paper Apostille before hand.”

“It may help to carry your de facto partner certificate or the like. You will need to produce that anyway to get a ‘Pareja de Hecho’ to apply for residency”

“Airline shouldn’t ask you but immigration might. If concerned, buy a cheapie ticket to wherever eg UK, and cancel it or toss it. In the scheme of things it’s very little money. Should get one to somewhere for less than 50€. Train or bus are other options.”

“We flew in May 22 one way ticket from Australia – no questions asked! Both Aussies although my husband had Spanish residency pre brexit! Anyway no one asked anything!”

“My wife (Spanish) and I (Australian) arrived 3 years ago to retire permanently. No visa was required nor onward travel tickets. Important that after you arrive you register with the town hall. Depending on age you may have to get private insurance before applying for permanent residence. Your partner may qualify for spanish social security or has a social security card in which case you will qualify but still need private insurance which is easily cancelled. It is important that you and your partner register your domestic situation in Australia before leaving because it is much easier there. Go to the local consulate for advice. Ensure that you have an international driving licence otherwise after 6 months you will need a spanish license which is not that simple, you will need to pass a written test followed by a practical which is in Spanish, not that easy for non speaking people. Just a word of advice, the police which you will need to apply for residence can be very difficult to deal with, only 1 person at a time to go in and they don’t speak English. We found it easier to get all the papers required and then go to a lawyer to actually lodge them. Cost us €100 3 years ago.”

“When I first arrived as spouse of an EU citizen, I had an onward ticket to UK which I paid €19 for, and just ditched it. They did not ask for it anyway.”

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