What passport should I show when leaving the USA, entering the EU as a US-EU dual citizen?


I have USA and EU passport. I live in the USA and this is my 1st time wanting to stay in EU longer than 3 months. Do I show my USA passport when leaving the USA and my EU passport when entering the EU? For exiting EU, do I show EU passport and then USA passport upon return? I’m asking, because usually TSA is looking for an entry stamp when returng to the USA. Thank you. Update-I got to Europe on my EU passport and they added my Global Entry for the best of both worlds -TSA Pre-check 🙂


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Upon arrival and departure from the US you present as a US citizen.
Upon arrival and departure from the EU you present as a citizen of an EU member state.
Everywhere else, your choice.”

“Show US passport when leaving or entering US and EU when entering or leaving EU.
If border control wants to know where a stamp is, just say you exited with a different passport. They may ask to see it.
Also, check-in is different. It’s whatever passport you booked your flight on. The airline is responsible for checking that you have the right to enter the country you’re going to so they will ask for a visa or your passport for that country.
However, as an EU resident, you’re suppose to pay VAT on goods. If you’re just a tourist and a non-EU resident, it could be worth it to enter Europe with your American passport if you intend to buy products and not use them until you leave Europe to not pay the VAT on them. This would be worth it in rare cases though.”

“I too have dual citizenship. I’d show my U.S. passport when leaving U.S. amd entering U.S. I’d show EU when leaving and arriving EU.”