What is it required to present when applying for a Spain golden visa after having proof of investment and proof of purchase?


This question is for anyone who applied for a Spain golden visa. After having proof of investment and proof of purchase, what documentation is required to present if applying in Spain. We want to make sure we bring all documents with us.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“We applied in Spain. You’ll need all of the documents listed on the consulate websites so start there. The big hangup for us was an updated marriage certificate. Even though we submitted our original 17 year old marriage certificate, new Apostille and translated, my wife’s application for residency was rejected. We obtained a new marriage certificate, Apostilled and translated, and that was accepted. The background check was accepted for up to 6 months. (Spainguru recommends Hague Apostilles expedited apostille services in the UK)
Ah, one other issue we ran into. We had to prove our regular and legal entrance into Spain. Since we went through Germany, we only had the passport stamp from Germany. That didn’t prove our entry into Spain. We had three options so make sure you have at least one of these: passport stamp in Spain, boarding passes, or declaración de entrada. We didn’t have any of these. So keep your boarding passes showing entry into Spain, or request the Spanish stamp at the airport immediately when you fly into Spain, or submit for the declaración de entrada within 72 hours of entry. Any one of those will save you some trouble with the UGE-CE.

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We live near Bilbao, just 90 minutes driving time to the France border. So we decided to drive to Hendaye, France for coffee and to fill the car with gas. We saved receipts as proof. Then we drove back into Spain and went to the policía nacional in the closest town, Irún. They told us to go to the policía nacional in San Sebastián. So we went there and explained that we had just come from France and wanted to make our decalaración de entrada. The officer took our original flight receipt from 2 months prior and didn’t ask about any receipts for France. We waited about 90 minutes until the officer came back with our forms. He put the original date of entry by airplane on the forms, not that date that we had gone into France. And he signed them in the boxes where we were supposed to sign. I decided not to worry too much about it. We turned in the forms to the UGE-CE, and they approved our residency.

Some of the great things about applying for residency in Spain for the “Spain golden visa” is that it’s done in Spain, and all online with the UGE-CE. We didn’t have to see anyone. So we could have traveled within the first 90 days. The application extends the stay in Spain, but you shouldn’t leave Spain after 90 days until the TIE’s are in hand.

I don’t believe there’s a time limit for the purchase. It includes properties purchased up to some years back when the program was implemented. There is a time limit if you apply outside of Spain but only after you are approved. And if you apply in Spain you must do so within 90 days. Let me explain further. The “golden visa” is the colloquial term for two programs: a visa if applied for outside of Spain at a consulate, or the residence permit if applied for in Spain with the UGE-CE. If you apply with the consulate outside of Spain, you have one year to enter Spain after you receive your visa. If you apply within Spain you must start within 90 days of arrival. The application extends the stay indefinitely but they will respond quickly. I recommend applying as early as possible if you do so within Spain, to ensure time for problem solving. Our initial application was denied due to us not having proof of legal entry into Spain. It was silly. We could have avoided it just by saving our boarding passes. I can explain further how to avoid that problem but most people won’t have that problem. So we still had time to apply again before the 90 days was up, and then we went over 90 days but were ok since the processing time extends the stay.”

“We had to do the Declaración de Entrada as we drove over from Germany where we were resident”

“Before you make your purchase, contact an immigration attorney. Your purchase must meet certain criteria and it’s important where the funds come from and how they are titled. We are here on an NLV and not golden visa. But I have just read enough sorry stories about golden visa purchases gone wrong by not checking the boxes correctly.”

In summary, according to Spainguru’s Facebook group members, the process for applying for a Spain golden visa involves meticulous documentation and careful adherence to requirements. A recurrent emphasis is placed on ensuring proof of legal entry into Spain, either through boarding passes, a passport stamp upon arrival in Spain, or the declaración de entrada. It’s notable that even small oversights, such as not keeping a boarding pass, can lead to complications. Prospective applicants are advised to consult the official consulate websites for a comprehensive list of required documents and to engage the expertise of an immigration attorney. This ensures that all criteria are met, particularly concerning property purchase, fund sources, and their titling. The collective wisdom from these experiences emphasizes the need for a proactive approach, patience, and meticulous attention to detail to ensure a successful Spain golden visa application.