How do I transition from a Non lucrative visa Spain to a work visa or self-employed visa in Spain?

Question about the Non lucrative visa Spain

I’m just wondering if anyone in the group has moved to Spain on a Non lucrative visa Spain then changed to a work or self employed visa after the first year? If so, how easy/difficult was it?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Changing to a self employed/residency authorisation after the first year isn’t different from the procedure when you would apply for it from the start, apart from the Consular fees you wouldn’t have to pay. But applying for a working/residency authorisation once already here on a NLV, so switching, is less restricted than applying for the same from the Consulate. You’d still need an employer to sponsor you, but the job requirements are not as restrictive.”

“In theory yes, but maybe not easily done without some sort of special skill. You basically have to find a job that the employer has not been able to fill by any Spaniard or EU citizen. It’s a tall order depending on your skill set.”

“You can apply for one after renewal of your first year. Of residency.
No guarantees you will get it”

“I know of someone swapping from an NLV to a self employed visa. It requires a fair amount of documentation, money and a solid business plan.”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook members, transitioning from a Non lucrative visa spain to a work visa or self-employed visa in Spain after the first year is feasible, though it may not be entirely straightforward. As gleaned from the responses, the process of changing to a self-employed or residency authorization after the first year doesn’t differ much from the initial application, except for certain consular fees that might be waived. For a working visa, while there’s more flexibility if one is already in Spain under a Non lucrative visa Spain, the challenges lie in finding employment that hasn’t been filled by a Spaniard or EU citizen, which necessitates a unique skill set. Furthermore, changing to a self-employed visa demands substantial documentation, financial preparedness, and a compelling business strategy. Thus, while the transition is possible, it requires diligence, preparation, and sometimes, a touch of luck.