How can I obtain a Spanish background check?


How can i get a Spanish background check (Barcelona to be exact) I am not in the country at the moment but need it urgently.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“You can do it giving power of attorney to someone so he/she can collect, but you need to send the original power of attorney what it may take a few days. You can do it in a Spanish Consulate or in a Public Notary. If you choose this second.option the power of attorney should be legalized or apostilled if has been signed in a country out of EU.”

“If you have certificado digital, you can do it online.
Otherwise, authorization someone to get it on your behalf (there are gestors who do it for you).”

“You can do it “por correo”/mail. Please find the information at the end of this web (Por correo > Certificados de Antecedentes penales solicitados por CORREO POSTAL desde el EXTRANJERO):

Should you require an official translation, here you can find sworn translations.”

“You can do it online with the digital signature cl@ve: