What is the process for translating and apostilling documents required for a non lucrative Spain visa application? (UK residents)

Question about the non lucrative Spain visa

Non lucrative Spain visa question: ACRO certificate police check, health certificate from docs and marriage certificate needs to be translated and apostilled?
Do I get them translated first or apostilled first?
If I am using a company, do I need to send my original documents for them to translate and apostille?
If you recommend a company I could use, that would be great.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“The apostilles need to be done first, then the documents (and their apostilles) need to be translated by a Spanish sworn translator.
ACRO apostilled and translated by Sworn translator
-Medical certificate apostilled and translated by Sworn translator if obtained from UK doctor, doesn’t need translation nor apostille if obtained from Spanish doctor.
-Marriage certificate apostilled and translated
For UK Apostilles: https://spainguru.es/uk-apostilles-hague-apostille/
For Sworn translators: https://spainguru.es/recommended-spanish-sworn-translators-registered-with-ministry-foreign-affairs/
Spanish medical certificate: https://spainguru.es/medical-certificate-spanish-non-lucrative-visa-golden-student-digital-nomad-visa/
UK Medical Certificate: https://spainguru.es/certificate-of-good-health-required-for-non-lucrative-visa-nlv-spanish/
I hope this helps!”

“UK Apostilles come in Spanish, so no need to wait for the Apostille. You can have the docs translated while waiting for the Apostille. You need to order a new copy of yr marriage certificate and have this new original document Apostilled. Translation can by by email, with a PDF of the documents.”

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