How can Australians working in Spain avoid double taxation?

Question about Australians working in Spain

Australians working in Spain: Has anybody recently started working in Spain and stopped being a resident in Australia, for tax purposes, to avoid double taxation? If so please explain how you did it.
I’ve read that you have to inform the ATO a week before leaving Australia (which I forgot to do) but for the life of me, now I cannot figure out how to do it.
Is there a way to email them, or is it an automatic thing? or do I somehow do this when I lodge my next Australian tax return?
I managed to change my address to a Spanish address on ATO, but thats all and I doubt thats the extent of informing them.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“I also looked into this but couldn’t find out how to inform them (The ATO – Australian Taxation Office).. when I looked online on MyGov it looked like you only needed to if you were on centrelink? But I’m not sure”

“most!!! (exceptions include the old age pension) Centrelink benefits cease once your passport is scanned at the airport.”

“I rang the ATO and they told me it is a self-declared status, so you just need to be clear on your next tax return on the exact date you stopped being an Australian resident for tax purposes – for me, that falls in the middle of a tax year. You need to also check your own personal status on the ATO website, which gives examples for what does and doesn’t qualify as a ‘resident for tax purposes’ as it is quite nuanced”

“I wouldn’t jump in too quick, get professional advice from tax advisors, and you don’t have to pay the big companies for it. I think you notify ATO when you lodge your tax return. Things to also consider:
Depending on how gung-ho your accountant is, you could benefit from spreading your income over one half of the Australian tax year and one half of the Spanish one (which goes to 31 December).
I believe your medicare card will not be renewed once it expires if you are an expat.
The last government changed the rules about the tax free status of the sale of principal homes for expats so if you own your own home in Australia and plan to sell it, think ahead.”

“You only tell the ATO via your next tax return – when you fill it out you are asked if you were a resident for the full year, if not you provide the dates. I was given advice from tax accountants that if you have a bank in Aus you should tell them your residency has changed (you can usually do it online and advise them of the date it changes) which is another form of ‘proof’ if you ever audited by the ATO.”

“My accountant advised the ATO of ‘no need to file’ which can be reversed if we return. He did the same for my son a couple of years ago when he moved to Germany.”

“I’m pretty sure we just declared it on our tax returns. But another thing to remember is you’re supposed to also inform your bank and if you have any shares the share registry.”

In conclusion, the process of informing the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) about ceasing residency for tax purposes when moving to Spain seems to be a bit of a grey area. Some group members suggest that it’s only necessary if you’re receiving Centrelink benefits (Welfare benefits), while others recommend informing the ATO through the next tax return or self-declaration. Seeking professional advice is also suggested, and some mention the importance of notifying banks and share registries. Overall, it’s important to do thorough research and consult with tax experts before making any decisions regarding residency and taxation when moving to Spain.