What documents do I need to prove dependency for an 18-year-old? (non lucrative Spain visa application)


Proof of dependency for an 18-year old kid when applying for the non lucrative Spain visa? He’ll be finishing his Associate’s degree online through our community college and is still dependent on us, as much as he’d like to believe otherwise. What documents make this look all official-like?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Tax returns will show him as a dependent, also.”

“Get a notarised, apostilled, and translated (Sworn translator) letter of intent to support financially. Have it drawn up by a notary so it’s grammatically sound. Then it’s done properly and you can relax.”

“We created a document with daughters details and stated she will not work, we support her financially and had it notarized. Also states she would be a student. Houston consulate accepted.”

“Show your bank account payments for his studies.”

In conclusion, proving dependency for an 18-year-old kid who is still studying and financially reliant on their parents can be done through various documents. Spainguru community members suggest that these may include tax returns, a notarized letter of intent to support financially, a document stating the child’s details and financial support, and bank account payments for the child’s studies. These documents can help to establish official evidence of dependency and financial support for the child.