Can owning two homes affect the process of applying for a non lucrative Spain visa? Especially if you don’t want to sell either property? (Boston Consulate)


My wife and I feel we can manage the non lucrative Spain visa process through the Boston Consulate, but have one question, and the answer may derail our plans completely.
We own two homes. We do not wish to sell either. Will owning property derail this process?
We would be able to live in Spain for 183 days per year as is our intention.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“We are researching the non lucrative Spain visa and live in Boston. From what we’ve deduced the Boston consulate has no such requirement. I do know Los Angeles and San Francisco do, as friends in both areas ran into that at those consulates.”

“In order to maintain your non lucrative Spain visa you need to spend at least 183 days a year in Spain (making you a Spanish tax resident).”

“Depending the Consulate that you choose, they may ask you to show proof that you dont have a mortgage in the properties… Miami consulate never asked us. Best of luck!”

“No we have 2 homes in the states and 1 in Valencia Spain”

“Doesn’t appear that Boston consulate says anything about property or mortgages.

“No problem. You can keep your homes. It is only a deterrent in the LA and SF Consulates IF there are mortgages.”

“Obviously there is the wealth tax issue but otherwise why not if they are un mortgaged”

Based on the responses from the Spainguru’s Facebook group members, it appears that owning two homes should not be a major issue when applying for a non-lucrative residence visa to move to Spain through the Boston consulate, as long as you meet the other requirements and spend at least 183 days per year in Spain. However, it’s worth noting that requirements may vary between different consulates, so it’s always best to check with the consulate directly to confirm any specific requirements or restrictions. Ultimately, with the right planning and preparation, owning property should not derail your plans to move to Spain.