Do I have to pay social security as an autonomo or can I pay for private health insurance instead?


I am not yet autonomo but have a few questions about becoming one.
1) Do you have to pay social security as an autonomo or can you pay for private health insurance instead?
2) Is there an amount you are allowed to earn tax free?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“You must pay for social security, it includes health cover, some form of pension way down the road and few insurances related to your business activity. there’s no amount you can earn tax free per se, you must declare everything, there are deductions and refunds that you can claim in your annual tax return, but as a rule, you’ll have to pay first, depending on your results, of course”

“there is another option, which is to pay for a speciality ‘residencia’ private health insurance. I have been quoted £730 mas o menos, to be paid at approx 60 euros per month. In addition you need proof of income or savings over a certain amount. I have been told an income of over £6000 per year is acceptable but I am unclear how much exactly as surely you have to pay income tax on any income if you live in Spain? I have also read in several sources that it depends on who sees your application on the day, as they have overall say on what is considered sufficient means to live off. This is where I struggle to get clear guidance. And all this is dependent on if the UK is in the EU!!”

“There’s no tax free allowance. You’ll only get a refund i guess if you over pay your tax at a higher percentage than you’re meant to.”

“When you file your annual tax return you might get something back based on your family situation, age, etc, but it’s definitely not free when you file every trimester.”

“Your first year of autónomo is 80 euros per month. Second year can also be discounted if you have a small income. Do get yourself a tax advisor to get you set up at least initially”

“The tax law changed for 2023 discount 1 year for the new autónomo then after one year you pay the the social security according to your rendiments. The graph changed for 2023, 2024 to 2025”

In conclusion, becoming an autonomo in Spain can be a complicated process, and it’s natural to have questions about the requirements and tax implications. After reviewing the responses from members of Spainguru’s Facebook group, it’s clear that as an autonomo, you must pay for social security, which includes health coverage, some form of pension, and a few insurances related to your business activity. While there’s no amount you can earn tax-free, you can deduct expenses and claim refunds in your annual tax return. It’s also possible to pay for private health insurance, but it requires meeting specific requirements and can be more expensive. It’s important to seek the guidance of a tax advisor to navigate the process of becoming an autonomo, as they can help ensure you set up correctly and understand your tax obligations.